About Us

Drones have revolutionized several industries, but as of now they can also be used in agriculture to improve crop yields and detect weeds and diseases. Thanks to their ability to fly quickly and reach large areas, drones can provide valuable information on plant conditions, pests and soil health.

Data collected by drones help farmers make crop production decisions such as whether or not to irrigate a field or apply fertilizer. This information can also reduce pesticide use by reducing the number of unnecessary sprays.

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What we do

Data we provide

Onkruid sproeien met spot spraying

Weed detection

We use AI to detect weeds and diseases so you never have to over spray again. Saving on average 70% of spray.

Variabel bemesten met taakkaart

VRA taskmaps

We map the variety of your field to give you the most efficient fertilization or seeding pattern possible.

Ziekte in aardappelen

Disease detection

With special cameras and AI we can measure disease pressure so that farmers can make informed decisions.